~Meet Mr & Mrs Quiffy~

‘ART duo Craig & Karl  have teamed up with House of Holland on a new collection, to be sold from the label’s Mr Quiffy ice-cream van – which is currently touring Britain. Like Holland’s travelling pop-up, the range takes its inspiration from the designer’s famously voluminous quiff. Together, the pair have created two colourful cartoon characters with similarly gravity-defying hairstyles – a motif that appears on each piece.

“Henry’s hair is the motive for the design,” said Craig & Karl in a statement. “We thought that it would be great to incorporate his look in a summer-themed character. We’re thrilled that the artwork gets to travel with the pop-up store around the UK.”

The 17-piece collection features shorts, T-shirts and iPhone cases, as well as jewellery. Expect to see Holland’s ice-cream van at selected destinations across the country, including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester.’ taken from http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2013/08/08/craig–karl-create-collection-with-house-of-holland/gallery/1016690

Mr Quiffy T-shirt, £50

I personally love this collection, its fun and quirky and something completely different. I like the Mr & Mrs Quiffy ice cream image. The colours just complement each other. I also like the way how they are selling it – in an ice cream decorated like the prints.

If you want to buy anything from this collection, go to: http://shop.houseofholland.co.uk/collections/mr-quiffy

See you later,

thebrowneyednostalgic oxox


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