~Swatch & Vogue Italia~

For anyone who doesn’t know – I love watches and cannot survive without one but somehow I keep breaking them and so my right wrist remains watchless. So when I saw that Swatch had decided to celebrate their 30th anniversary with Vogue Italia’s 25th anniversary I was pretty excited.

Vogue and Swatch have started a Facing Time project and want the public to get involved. They have asked anyone with a vintage or new Swatch watch and show your attitude, reveal your imagination, express your creativity, and open your world. And make it into a video or picture. Everything has to be sent in by October 31st 2013 to facing_time@condenast.it. All works will be selected by Vogue italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani and by Nick Hayek, CEO Swatch Group, and will be a part of a travelling exhibit starting in 2014. This is an open opportunity: wherever you see the logo, you’ll find Facing_Time.

Apart from the Facing Time project, Swatch are by far one of my favourite watch brands. The new Classic collection is amazing. It contains a lot of Ghost watches. A Ghost watch means that you can see the mechanics of a watch, with Swatch they are multicoloured and each piece is chosen randomly by a machine.




I don’t know what else to say but if you do have a swatch watch be proud and express yourself.

See ya laters,

thebrowneyednostalgic oxox


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