Pre- Spring / Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear – New York Fashion Week

I am going to warn you, there is a lot of pictures in this post, but I thought when I saw them that I had to put these in my post.

Bottega Veneta  








This collection has a lot of feminine figures, neutral colours plus some bright colours such as blue and red. There are also a lot of textures and overlapping of colours. The shoes are either brogues or two-toned shoes which are flat or with a small heel.











This collection also sees a lot of tones and not so much any bright colours. It too involves two-toned shoes and feminine figures but it also includes some straight edges which give a tailored look. there are also some tribal patterns included with modern twists, some of the pieces look very posh and remind me of someone being on a luxury yacht by the sea.

Christian Dior 











You can tell that the designers at Dior had a lot of fun making these designs. This is like a pop of colour and a mixture of textures, neon  colours under thin sheets of lace, black with bright colours and strappy sandals. Overlapping textures and solid colours. Love,  love, love this collection.

Clover Canyon 











This collection also is a lot of fun. The platform shoes combined with the fun landscape or geometric patterns create a fun and quirky atmosphere. This doesn’t have as much textures but has a lot of overlapping patterns or landscape scenes. Another collection which I adore!!!!

Moschino Cheap & Chic 












Another collection that I love! Pastel colours, with daisies, and black boots and bright pink are things which are recurring in the collection. I love this as I think it is cute fun and sort of bohemian and things that I would wear. It also includes some ‘peace’ references which doesn’t occur in a lot of designer collections.

Tory Burch 













This collection also reminds me of something you would see on someone who owns a luxurious yacht and is happily sailing away. This collection contains a lot of browns, blues and yellows and whites which tends to be beachy colours. Another collection which I adore, and wish I had enough money to buy it. ❤

If you want to see some more collections or more of the collections which I have mentioned, visit :

hope you enjoy these collections as much as I do




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