Hello my peeps !!!

heyyyy, yes i know i have not posted anything in awhile, well school, exams and reading took over, soz!!!


Marina & the Diamonds is a sort of known music artist who has a really cool style. Her style is vintage with a bit of modern. For ‘Electra Heart’ (her number one album), she changes a fair bit from ‘The Family Jewels’. In Electra Heart she is more 50s/ 60s with of course some modern stuff but in ‘The Family Jewels’ she dresses like she is in a pop art comic. But behind every change there is a reason. Just before she started filming the videos for ‘Electra Heart’, while she was at the hairdressers, the hair stylist noticed that some of her hair was falling out so Marina decided to cut her hair short and wear a wig to cover and to restore her image. She got a blond wig, dyed the roots brown to make it look natural and tied the front back of her hair back with a ribbon – this then became her style.

I love Marina & the Diamonds, she is amazing, unique and a nice change from ordinary music.


yes, i am rower and i did watch the boat race. I love, love, love rowing, it gets my heart pumping, blood flowing and my body moving (ok, i know it sounds a little cheesy). The only problem is that it is quite difficult to look cute in wellies but I have a really cool alternative -wedged wellies in black or a leopard print to impress the boys.


The best brand is of course Hunter, but those are pretty expensive and I only go rowing once a week excluding the holidays so there is no point on buying expensive wellies.


As some of you might or might not know I am a young wannabe fashion designer trying to make her way in the fashion world. I am currently designing a collection inspired by different designers e.g. Dior, Chanel. They are turning out soooo well, I have also just completed a project in textiles where I made a bag in the shape of a camera with vintage colours and LED lights!!!! (pictures will appear on  a later post). But I shall post a small exclusive of my new collection.

2013-05-29 18.24.30

2013-05-29 18.24.41

Au Revoir, hope you enjoyed that !!

There should be more coming through!!!

xx the browneyed nostalgic xx

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