The new collection by Dolce & Gabbana looks like the inside of a church but it is actually really cool, each design has so much detail and it looks like the design has been made like in real life not just a print. This collection looks as if it belongs in the Renaissance era or in a little old town in Italy. The crowns effectively show the Renaissance in each design and royalty in each pattern and dress.










































Leave your comments on the collection below!!!

Do YOU like the collection?


3 thoughts on “DOLCE & GABBANA AUTUMN/WINTER 2013-14

  1. LJDSHBF;ASVBDF.;KA I LOVE THIS COLLECTION SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! D&G have come up tops the last two seasons, what with their baroque A/W collection and now THIS! I want to go and stare at Renaissance paintings and wear loads of gold now!

  2. I actually love that collection! I remember being in Italy and seeing boys with gold shoes, they are definitely a bit more…exuberant than we are!

    Posto Bello
    Maya 🙂

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