H & M Conscious Collection

Recycling polyester, using organic cotton and using less polyester are some ways to reduce you fashion carbon footprint, and it seems that H&M are trying to do this. I am going through a recycling phase as I recently won a competition to do with using rubbish and making it into a new product, so during my research I found this article on Vogue.co.uk all to do with conscientious fashion. I love H&M already but them doing this really sealed the deal for me. They also created a partywear collection which will be in stores and online on the 4th of April, so get prepared!!!

Partywear Conscious collection 

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The new collection by Dolce & Gabbana looks like the inside of a church but it is actually really cool, each design has so much detail and it looks like the design has been made like in real life not just a print. This collection looks as if it belongs in the Renaissance era or in a little old town in Italy. The crowns effectively show the Renaissance in each design and royalty in each pattern and dress.










































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