Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble & We Are Never Getting Back Together

Taylor Swift’s new song is sooooo fricking awesome! It’s so catchy, I cannot stop singing it. Anyways, the outfits in the video are actually really cool and completely different to what she normally wears.

Now, in this video, Taylor Swift express her sort of wild side with short shorts, skinny jeans and biker boots. Her hair is also cut shorter and dip-dyed pink – now that is awesome. This is a complete difference to ‘We Are Never Gettin’ Back Together’.

Get The Look 

If you want to achieve the ‘Trouble’ look, you will need :

  •  a black hat 
  • short shorts
  • fringe waistcoats
  • biker boots
  • oversized tank tops
  • dark green sort of black jeans
  • top with basic design – like the top with the massive black spot on it
  • leather jackets
  • anything with gold studs on
  • checked shirts
  • Ray- Ban’s
  • fringe jackets
  • long pendant necklaces
  • lots of bracelets which are all completely different to each other#
  • an edgy hairstyle
  • black or dark coloured nail varnish
  • a guitar (optional)

This is the perfect summer outfit, good for Glastonbury as well.

To achieve the ‘Never Getting Back Together’ look you will need :

  • down to the knee or just above the knee floral tea party dresses 
  • safe hairstyle – sort of boring but pretty
  • ballet flats
  • black hat
  • Ray – Ban’s
  • spotty oversized tops
  • short shorts
  • geeky glasses
  • brogues
  • a small watch
  • clear, white, cream, light pink or anyother light coloured nail varnish
  • one bracelet

This is the perfect spring outfit or cold summer outfit.

Peace Out uckers – Cuz’ We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Like Ever .


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