Love Is In The Air …

Yes, it’s that lovely time of the year again, when couples young and old celebrate their love. Unfortunately, it leaves the rest of us depressed and desperate as we don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day. But there are other ways to express or feel love:

1. Send a Valentine’s Day card to friends and family to show them how much you care

2. Complement someone and expect to be complemented back

3. Write a secret admirer note to one of your friends, just to give them false hope

4. Go to a bar/club (if old enough) and find someone to be with on Valentine’s Day

5. Or create some D.I.Y things based on Valentine’s Day, for example :

a)  D.I.Y Heart Elbow –


b) Sequinned Love Pillow –

valentine's day, crafty ideas, sequin, love

  c)  Valentine’s Day Love shoes D.I.Y with Glitter Hearts –

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  Hope You have a fantastic Valentine’s Day single or not !!          


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