London Fashion Week & London Fashion Weekend

It’s getting close to that time of the year, London Fashion Week & Weekend.

London Fashion Week – Friday 15th of February – Tuesday 19th of February – by invitation only

London Fashion Weekend (sponsored by Vodaphone) – Thursday 21st of February – Sunday 24th of February – tickets avalible

Please do not get confused with the two, I did and then didn’t get invited. Yep, its sad, I know!

But I did get tickets for London Fashion Weekend even though the tickets are for a Thursday, since when is Thursday the weekend, from what I learnt at school Thursday is a week day. Anyways the tickets arrived like yesterday, so happy, yes it was a happy day!!!!

Now when preparing my outfit for London Fashion Weekend, I realised that I might not have everything that is now in fashion but as a keen fashion person, I will probably have to think up some sort of dress and make it or just go to and get a 50p dress.

I live in London so getting to the arena will be pretty easy, transport isn’t that bad as I weirdly love going on the train, (yes I get excited when I go on the train).

Anyways, keep calm and be fashionable!!!!


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