One of my favourite things in the world is VINTAGE!!!! That includes cameras, clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, diaries and anything else vintage. On Christmas 2012 (at my mum’s as my parents are divorced) I got a Polaroid Technicolour 600 in Black. It is A.MA.ZING!!!!!

my camera

lots of different vintage cameras

Also, my mum was going through some of her stuff, to see if there was any clothes she could send to SWISHING.CO.UK (a really cool website where you swap clothes and pay a small amount of money for a piece of clothing, as we had virtual credits I got a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans for 50p, yes 50p!!!), she ended up finding a vintagey looking scarf from Tie Rack, after a long thought, I realised that I would like it so I kept it. It is sooo nice.


the shoes online are shown as beige not amber

In the picture, my camera is the first camera on the left on the 3rd row. It’s like sooo cool, it takes a picture(well duh, its a camera) and prints it out as well. I love, love, love vintage, I think it is amazing, I absolutely love 50s, I love the clothes, the  shoes, the jewellery and the furniture. My mum recently got an amazing vintage inspired pair of high heels. They are a sort of a burnt amber sort of colour, a bit on the reddish side.  Now, you seen the picture, aren’t they gorgeous !!!

At school, I do textiles for GCSE’s and am currently doing a vintage cushion/bag/wall hanging project and I had to do a mood board on vintage, and I found some really cool vintage adverts. One of them was advertising weight gain not weight loss, I was really shocked to see it as you normally see weight  adverts not weight gain.  Is slightly bigger better? Or not?


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