Deetz – New Brand by Amy Currie

Winona Ryder character, Lydia Deetz, from the movie Beetlejuice, became inspiration for Amy Currie’s new label Deetz.

Amy Currie is a Scottish born Graphic Designer at Lee Cooper, Director at Deetz, Freelance Print Designer and Illustrator at Freelance. She used to work for Alexander McQueen. Deetz is a womenswear brand containing lots of hand illustrated, digitally printed, silk clothing.

“Lydia Deetz is dark and quirky, but there’s definitely a bit of humour there,” Currie told Vogue (on the article referring to her new label) . “The prints are dark in the sense that there are lots of skeletons, bugs and dramatic florals, but the colours are vibrant and fun.”


I absolutely love these pieces of clothing, I love how they are quite gothic but quite bright not dark. I also love the illustration on the actual picture and the way the pictures have been taken. I wouldn’t mind buy any of these pieces of clothing.


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